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Patient Links – How your patients can send the photos directly to you

Generate a patient link for PD measurement

With Optigrid, you can let your patients and clients to send the photos for PD measurements directly to you through the system. No more emails with attachments or WhatsApp sharing. That way, you streamline your eyewear business process to support your customers remotely.

Creating a patient link

Once in the patient profile, you can generate a link by clicking the “Get a patient link” button. Then just copy it and share it with the patient.

Generate a patient link for PD measurement
Copy the patient link for PD measurement

What the patient sees

The patient will see a simple page to send the photos back to you. Once they finish, you get a notification by email

Patient uses the link to send you the photos

Proceed with the PD measurement

The photos will be available for you to proceed with the measurements.

Enjoy ­čÖé