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Optigrid Optigrid

Welcome to Optigrid, where our legacy intertwines with innovation to redefine vision care. With a rich history spanning over four decades in the prescription lenses industry, our journey began from humble origins – a family-run eyewear store committed to excellence. Recognizing the evolving needs of our clients and the shifting dynamics of the healthcare industry, we introduced the Optigrid concept in 2010, a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge the gap between traditional care and the demands of a digital era.

At the heart of Optigrid lies our pioneering PD measurement system, a testament to our innovative spirit and dedication to advancement. Officially patented in 2012, this technology was the first of its kind, marking a monumental step forward in remote patient care. It embodies our commitment to not just keeping pace with the industry, but leading it.

Optigrid is a Canadian company. We are proudly based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our solutions empower opticians and optometrists worldwide, enabling them to deliver unparalleled care to their patients, irrespective of distance.

Join us on this journey of vision, innovation, and care. Welcome to the future of eyewear, welcome to Optigrid.