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Generate a patient link for PD measurement

Patient Links – How your patients can send the photos directly to you

With Optigrid, you can let your patients and clients to send the photos for PD measurements directly to you through the system. No more emails with attachments or WhatsApp sharing. That way, you streamline your eyewear business process to support your customers remotely. Creating a patient link Once in the patient profile, you can generateContinue reading “Patient Links – How your patients can send the photos directly to you”

How to measure PD, Dual PD and SH with Optigrid

Discover how to accurately measure Pupillary Distance (PD), Dual PD, and Segment Height (SH) using Optigrid with our step-by-step guide. From loading the patient’s photo to verifying and saving measurements, this post covers everything you need to ensure precision in eyewear prescriptions. Learn to evaluate photo quality, choose a reference, mark reference points, and calculate measurements efficiently. Perfect for optical professionals and enthusiasts aiming for the best fit in custom eyewear orders.