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Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer: PD, DNP, and Segment Height Measurements

The Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer ensures precision, quality, and efficiency.

This powerful software performs dual pupillary distance (DNP) and segment height measurements online with ease and simplicity, making service at your optical store more agile and accurate.

With the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer, you have the freedom to serve your customers both in-person and virtually, significantly expanding your sales. This means more operational freedom for you and your entire team. Stop depending on manual pupilometers and make your store more modern without sacrificing quality and precision.

Also, forget outdated and unsafe techniques such as measuring with pen dots. Show your customer that when it comes to efficiency and technology, your optical store excels in service.

Use the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer in Your Optical Store: Key Benefits

The Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer is a technology that will revolutionize your optical practice. With it, you can provide online services that are accurate and of high quality, which will undoubtedly boost your online sales.

As a distinguishing feature, Optigrid has developed a highly accurate product that will ensure your customers feel at ease during the adaptation process when using their glasses. Additionally, this technology allows you to automate the sales process, leading to faster and more accurate service.

With all these benefits, your optical store will stay ahead of the competition because you are investing in an innovation that will surely influence the loyalty of your customers. Discover other benefits that only Optigrid offers you.

Measuring pd online with the virtual pupilometer

Pupillary Distance Anywhere

The Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer will allow you to serve and sell glasses anywhere.

This software is essential for optical stores that have online shops, as well as for those that offer in-person services but wish to provide more convenience to their customers by allowing them to visit the store only to pick up their glasses. Ensure that your store offers this distinctive service.

App for pd and dual-pd measurement - Virtual Pupilometer

Optigrid Data Management: Convenient and Simple

Beyond just measuring PD, DNP, and segment height, the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer includes a management system that reduces data inconsistency, enhances automation, and fosters team collaboration. Here’s how:

Record Keeping: The Optigrid software ensures that all measurements of PD, DNP, and segment height are securely stored.
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Access to Clients and Measurements: Through an intuitive and easy-to-use database, you can search for previous measurements to reuse them. This optimizes the time of your team and your clients, as they won’t need to send a photo again for measurement.
Workflow Integration: The simplicity of the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer allows your entire team to use and adapt to the system smoothly. The entire pre- and post-service process is conducted seamlessly, ensuring that sales are completed assertively.

Boost Your Online Revenue

The optical market is highly competitive. To outperform major optical stores and stand out in the market, innovation and technology must be your differentiators. By performing PD, DNP, and segment height measurements online, you have the option to serve customers anywhere, which can expand your sales both in physical stores and online. With the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer, your revenues will grow significantly. Here’s how:

Request the Photo Online: The entire measurement process is conducted through a photo sent by your client. We provide a simple and secure system that allows them to take and send the photo conveniently.
Use a User-Friendly Interface: The Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer features an extremely intuitive interface that allows you and your entire team to take measurements with ease, significantly speeding up the service.
Complete the Sale with Confidence: After taking the PD, DNP, and segment height measurements reliably and securely, it’s time to send the product for assembly and finalize the purchase order.
Measuring pd online with a credit card as a reference

About Optigrid, an Innovative Company

In the optical industry for over 30 years, we recognized the need for an efficient system that could perform the Naso-Pupillary Distance measurement virtually while ensuring the same precision of manual pupilometers.

The systems and apps available in the market did not provide the security we were looking for, so we developed the Optigrid Virtual Pupilometer, a proprietary system that is highly efficient, accurate, and convenient.

Our focus was to offer more peace of mind to our clients by simplifying the measurement process, so our clients would not need to visit the optical store for measurements. The entire sales process—selecting glasses, payment, and measurements—could be carried out virtually, and best of all, without compromising on quality.

To ensure that our clients received precise service, we created an extremely attentive team that provides all support and training for our clients.

Thus was born Optigrid, a modern company committed to innovation, quality, and efficiency.

Optigrid 24/7 Email Support

We position ourselves as partners in your journey to success. We have a highly trained team ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We also offer a training program for using the system that enables your entire team to work efficiently and cohesively.